All too foreign strokes



Another post about wedding tasks! Sorry if it’s a little overwhelming, but there is a reason why I’ve neglected other posts in favour of blogging about a task that is causing unexpected stress to my fatigued head.

Yes, you saw right. I’m writing those Chinese names…without having a clue to whom they belong or what they even mean or say. I’m just blowing up Excel to 400% to get all the strokes right. Of course, I’m pretty sure that if my Chinese professor saw my attempts at this, all of them would be marked up telling me that my proportions of characters are miserably incorrect. I’m sorry, gift givers and guests. I do not mean to butcher your names (and in the process possibly address you by something obscene if I’ve messed up a stroke by going left instead of right), nor do I mean to not know if you actually were there for the big day.

Anyway, so that’s the big hurdle I have to tackle in these next few days. A is home! I’m not a lonely hermit anymore!

Now to the reason why I blog about wedding. After receiving our wedding images in the mail, A and I would like to give a picture album to our parents as a gift. So I’ve discovered some pretty fancy schmancy photobook programs that allow for more flexibility than Snapfish to create a stunning album. My friend recommended a Groupon for Photobook America, but since I had begun using Picaboo, I had to research a couple of hours to choose.

That’s when said friend also directed me to Photobook Girl. I’m late in the game, but WOW! She makes a lot of photobooks, and she’s used very many programs to discover all the differences between each! It astounded me. So I read and pored over the reviews, and finally decided on Photobook America because of quality and price (with the Groupon purchase).

Because I don’t plan on stopping the photobook business with our parents’ albums, I decided to follow Photobook Girl on Twitter and on Facebook. And I just got the news that she’s doing a giveaway for a Blurb photobook! How exciting! I’ve been wanting to make a photobook of A and my engagement shoot. We never got one printed for our guestbook, so we don’t really have the collection in print. It’ll take more work, obviously, but now that I’ve discovered more sophisticated programs for relatively affordable prices, I am beyond excited for the project.

But…first to get these wedding tasks done. Here…I….gooooooo!




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